Description of instruments in DLR Falcon cabin

Aerodyne CAPS PMssa

The CAPS PMssa measures extinction and scattering at ­­λ=630nm. The extinction measurement is based on cavity attenuated phase shift (CAPS) techniques, the scattering is measured by integrating nephelometry using an integrating sphere. The single scattering albedo is calculated from the measured extinction and scattering. Description by manufacturer.

Ecotech Aurora 4000 polar nephelometer

This nephelometer measures the scattering coefficient at three wavelengths (450, 525, 635nm). With its movable backscatter shutter it can measure the scattering within variable angular ranges. Description by manufacturer. 

Brechtel tri-color absorption photometer (TAP)

The Three-wavelength Absorption Photometer (TAP) measures absorption coefficients by collecting samples on a filter and detecting the light transmission through the filter at three wavelengths: λ=467 nm (blue), λ=528 nm (green), λ=652 nm (red). Description by manufacturer.

The TAPs are integrated in the A-HEAD Rack. One TAP samples the total aerosol (behind the isokinetic inlet), the other only the sub-micrometer aerosol.

DMT Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2)

This instrument heats absorbing particles with an intense laser beam. Recording the light emission by individual incandescent soot particles their mass can be calculated. Also the elastically scattered light is recorded allowing to determine the size also of non- or weakly-absorbing particles. Description by manufacturer.