Aerosol and tracer forecast links

Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)

CAMS A-Life support site

CAMS aerosol optical depth forecast (Africa)

CAMS carbon monoxide column forecast (Europe)

CAMS ozone forecast at surface (Europe)

DLR mission support (password required)

NASA GEOS-Chem aerosol / carbon monoxide forecast (copy link and paste it to address bar)

PRE-TECT smoke forecast

PRE-TECT dust forecast

SKIRON dust forecast

SDS-WAS dust forecast (multi-model)

Turkish State Met. Service dust forecast

Dust forecast of Tel-Aviv University Weather Research Center

Aerosol and tracer observation links

IASI carbon monoxide quicklooks

IASI ozone quicklooks

NASA Rapid Response

NASA Worldview

MODIS - Cyprus region

MODIS - Near Real Time (Orbit Swath) Images

VIIRS - Near Real Time (Orbit Swath) Images

Global fire maps

Fire maps Europe (CAMS)

Air quality measurements at ground level in Cyprus

TROPOS Polly lidar network - Limassol (Cyprus) - Finokalia (Crete) - Haifa (Israel)

MIM POLIS lidar at Limassol


AERONET - Paphos Airport

Status of instruments of the Cyprus Institute (requires Google account and access permission)

General weather forecast links (weather maps) - GFS weather maps - GFS meteogram for Cyprus Paphos

ECMWF forecasts

Generate model soundings

NOAA HYSPLIT Trajectories

Meteoblue wind fields

General weather observation links

EUMETSAT map viewer

EUMETSAT latest images

Meteosat IR satellite images

Radiosonde profiles (Mideast)

Precipitation radar Turkey - Egypt

Lightning map


Statistical evaluation of vertical profiles of dust, BC and CO

NAWDEX campaign link collection

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